The best places of rest of the world

How to quit and go all travel without the sad consequences
Always dreamed of traveling the world without any obligations? The fulfillment of secret desires is available to anyone. The main thing is the right attitude, ingenuity and a little preparation.…

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What can you see in Antalya yourself?
Antalya is one of the most comfortable resorts for diverse holidays. Here the infrastructure is well developed, many interesting excursions are offered, and all conditions for children's, extreme, educational and…

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Permissible luxury or why develop school tourism
The initiative to revive school tourism comes from Russian President Vladimir Putin. However, not everyone considers it possible to implement it, and even call it "unauthorized luxury." Indeed, school tourism…


Cheating in Indian or Popular Divorce Schemes
For most Europeans, India is a fantastic country with beautiful architecture and mysterious culture. But, going there as a tourist, you should throw off your rose-colored glasses and dispel the…

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The melting glacier in the Swiss Alps caused the closure of an old hotel

The mountain hotel Belvedere is located on the Furka Pass, the most snow-covered region of Switzerland. For many centuries this picturesque place attracts countless fans of mountaineering, skiing and hiking in the ice labyrinths hacked into the Rhone glacier. But global warming provoked a catastrophic melting of the ice, and now it loses 10 centimeters every day, and the tourists leave with it.
The picturesque winding mountain pass through the Furka Pass (Furka), towering 2436 m above sea level, has been a connecting link in the Swiss Alps for many centuries. Continue reading

Where to go in winter

When the days get shorter and the nights longer, it’s time to plan your winter holidays and vacations. Winter cruises will be an excellent choice if you are looking for a great deal with inter-seasonal prices or if you want to avoid a noisy crowd of vacationers and children. We picked up 4 interesting cruise lines for those who did not have time to relax in the summer.
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How to drive to Tallinn

Psychologists believe that one of the important components of spiritual comfort is the periodic change of the picture, going beyond the limits of everyday life, emotional overload. This function is ideally performed by short trips on weekends: even for a couple of days, but the pattern breaks, you get rid of routine worries, walk around unfamiliar places, eat unusual foods and — oh, horror — don’t make the bed.
Tallinn is an ideal city for traveling on weekends or holidays: as close as Europe, transport accessibility (you can even get from Moscow by bus), a huge semantic and associative load. Lines from Dovlatov (“Tallinn is a vertical, introverted city. Continue reading

Spain: the best places to relax

Spain is a great place for an interesting holiday filled with a real holiday. The homeland of great poets and artists is famous for the hospitality and hospitality of the locals. The most mountainous country in Europe with a hot climate and unique beauty turns rest into an adventure full of events, spectacles and feelings. The country is a dream, where the flaming flamenco and exciting bullfights appeared.
There are 4 official languages ​​in Spain, this already speaks volumes. Continue reading

To Jamaica without a visa: how not to spoil your vacation

On November 27, 2018, the Agreement enters into force, giving Russians the right to stay in Jamaica up to 90 days without a visa. Vladimir Vinokurov, Ambassador of the Russian Federation, told RIA FAN about what to expect from visiting the island state, and how the country is adapted to receive tourists from Russia.
He recalled that the agreements reached will allow citizens of both states to travel, follow the transit and stay in the territory of another country without a visa for up to 90 days for one year, starting from the date of their first entry. Continue reading

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Kardamena invites you to plunge into active rest
Kardamena island of Kos is a small picturesque town where you can relax both actively and quietly. You will definitely enjoy the non-standard volcanic sand that covers the coast. Play…


Life after vacation
When it comes to getting out of vacation, you can find a lot of tips related to overcoming the psychological problems of a return to workdays. But very few people…


Memo to those who want to Zanzibar
Zanzibar is a magnificent island in the Indian Ocean, where stunning white sand beaches and azure sea. If you are planning a trip to Zanzibar, then it will be useful…