The best places of rest of the world

Secluded and fabulous houses where you can be alone with yourself
There are such moments in life when you really want to retire, close yourself from the bustle of the world in your home, which is far from civilization, in order…

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Manor Lampsakov - the pearl of Asinovsky district
Intensive working days tend to end (albeit briefly), and then the Tomsk citizens face the question: where would they spend the long-awaited weekend? Those who wish to go away from…

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“I am not going to eat!” Or how much is the refusal of the tour?
A person, as you know, only assumes ... But real life sometimes changes all plans and turns into different surprises. Therefore, we wanted to touch on such a delicate subject…


Watch Miami with us more interesting!
This is one of the most popular resorts in the state of Florida. Sprawling on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, Miami attracts tourists from around the world not only…

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What to do in case of loss of personal belongings on vacation

What to do in the case of forgotten things in the hotel, lost luggage or stolen passport.
Pets, wedding rings or even an urn with ashes! The list of unusual “losers” can be continued indefinitely. How to act if your items are on such a list or your suitcase at the airport did not arrive with you? Let’s talk about pravttouristov.
Imagine that the following situation has happened to you: on returning home from a holiday, you open a suitcase and discover the loss of your favorite dress. In all likelihood, you forgot it in the hotel. How to get it back? Continue reading

New Year on the beach: dreams come true!

A beach holiday in the winter is a great way to diversify gray everyday life with bright colors and positive impressions. Meet the New Year, basking in the gentle rays of the sun on a golden beach in an exotic country! The article will tell about the best countries for a comfortable and interesting winter holiday.
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The poorest province of Argentina

The article briefly describes the main stages of development and attractions of the province of Chaco, which is considered the poorest in Argentina.
The Argentine province of Chaco, although considered to be the poorest in the country, is interesting because it was settled by immigrants from all European countries. Another province is interesting in that there are islands of impenetrable and dry forest on its territory, where Indians still live. In fact, the entire western part of the province is covered by this impassable forest. But its central part is a semi-desert scorched by the sun. Continue reading

City of Lucca. What you need to know the tourist before the trip?

The article describes useful information for tourists traveling to Lucca. How to get to the city? What transport can I use to explore it? What are the hotels, restaurants and attractions?
The city of towers, red-tiled roofs and immortal romance. Of course, all this is Lucca – one of the most striking Italian corners. What you need to know the tourist going there?
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Holidays at sea with children. Is it real?

How to relax with a child? How to start fees, how to choose a place and time of stay, what to take with you? After the birth of a small karapuz everything changed. You understand that you do not belong to yourself the way it was before the birth of this pink-cheeked happiness. Sessions with girlfriends were replaced by rare phone calls, and the time devoted to the creation of sports or sports, was lost somewhere without a trace. The same thing happens with rest and travel. Or not? Let’s see! Continue reading

A few tips for families with children
Before you go on holiday with children abroad, it will be useful to familiarize yourself with the recommendations from Pegas Touristik. 1. Choose a resort When choosing a resort in…


Permissible luxury or why develop school tourism
The initiative to revive school tourism comes from Russian President Vladimir Putin. However, not everyone considers it possible to implement it, and even call it "unauthorized luxury." Indeed, school tourism…


Winter holidays in Italy
The article describes the options for winter holidays in Italy. It tells about the main places and attractions that can be visited in the winter in Italy. Resorts in Italy…